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Best Caribbean Destination

Saturday, 4 October 2019

Best Restaurants in the Caribbean for Seafood lovers

A visit to the Caribbean islands is incomplete without having plenty of seafood. I made sure to have at least one meal with seafood every day. There are so many varieties of seafood served in the Best Restaurants in the Caribbean that you will never be bored of the cuisine. I discovered a different flavour every time. Though my favourite is tuna, be it for starter or main course, I tried other types of seafood this time too. Here’s a list of some places where I had tempting seafood.

La Villa Restaurant was one of the first places I went to, as I was staying in Grand Case. The freshest fillet and seared tuna make it one of the Best Restaurants in the Caribbean. It has a seafood platter, which is a must have for its sheer variety. The shrimps, lobsters and scallops were fantastic. Another great place in Grand Case is the Spiga Restaurant. Its sea bass and salmon tartar taste amazing. A tempting speciality is the crab cake, which makes for a great appetiser. Bistrot Caraibes is also one of the Best Restaurants in the Caribbean, serving live lobsters and seafood that is perfectly cooked.

The next day I did some research and went to have dinner at Big Fish, a very impressive place indeed. The ambience makes you feel almost like royalty. Though the prices can seem to be a little exuberant at this place, it surely qualifies amongst the Best Restaurants in the Caribbean. I ordered the shrimp and lobsters cocktail starter, and went on to have fresh grilled fish with vegetables. They have interesting names for their dishes, like hurricane shrimp and bang-bang shrimp.
I was pretty impressed by lobsters, which are a speciality in all Caribbean islands. . Make sure to check out these Best Restaurants in the Caribbean on your next vacation.  

Sneak peek at Things to do in the Caribbean

Booking a trip to the Caribbean islands means you are set for a vacation full of adventure, fun, relaxation and romance. There are so many Things to do in the Caribbean that you will have to list down all that you wish to get done. The most obvious attraction is the beaches, with many of the activities based right on the sea shore.

If you like to spend time by the ocean, as well as in water, then you are in for a treat. Sailing, snorkelling, diving, canoeing and yachting are the top Things to do in the Caribbean for aqua lovers. The best part is that you get certified trainers to accompany you on your trips on and under water. Explore the variety of fishes, coral reefs, water plants and collect conch shells. Have a look at intriguing caves on your sailing trips. Yachts give you a chance to enjoy floating parties on deep blue seas.

Apart from water sports, the beaches offer several Things to do in the Caribbean. Beach parties are popular with youngsters, offering exciting barbeques, drinks, bonfire and Caribbean music. On many islands, there are pubs and bars alongside the shore which serve visitors of all age groups, till wee hours of morning.

Getting away from the beaches, the most favoured Things to do in the Caribbean include hiking and biking. The mountainous terrain lining some beaches, as well as the forests in the interior of the islands make for great location for hiking enthusiasts. You can also rent complete biking gear and pedal away in the most serene environment.

If you are less of fitness freak and more of dancing diva, your list of Things to do in the Caribbean must include checking out the happening dance venues with pulsating music and awesome food to go with the beats. Dining in best restaurants in the Caribbean, shopping, and being mesmerised by the local traditions more or less wraps up the Things to do in the Caribbean. 

Sun kissed beaches, white sand, mesmerising blue waters, rugged mountains and cliff sides, and pristine flora and fauna are enough to lure me back to the Best Beaches in the Caribbean time and again. There are so many things to do in the Caribbean islands that you will never experience a single moment of boredom. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice and run short of time on your trip. So plan well in advance and make the most of the enchanting beaches.

On my first trip to the Caribbean islands, I chose to visit St Maarten, a unique place that shares two cultures, Dutch and French. Both are equally enticing and have their own specialities, like traditional food and wines. Enjoying a scrumptious meal is one of the things to do in the Caribbean paradise.
The Dutch side of St Maarten Island has got a number of casinos, which will remind you of Las Vegas. The sheer flamboyance, variety of games and number of betting tables will give you enough to keep up all night. This makes the Best Beaches in the Caribbean one of the best nightlife destinations too.
I even spent some time off the beaches on my second trip, as I was getting too much of water and sand. So, I explored the mountains and farmlands, which have perfect biking and hiking terrains. At some places you will find trails, and elsewhere, go as you wish. Getting this little exercise was certainly a good addition to the things to do in the Caribbean.

But I was soon back to the beaches, not being able to resist the temptation of exciting water sports that you can engage in on the Best Beaches in the Caribbean. Starting with kayaking, I went on to enjoy snorkelling in the most virgin waters, clad in complete gear and with the best of guides. I even enrolled in a well known sailing institute and made the best use of my time on the island.

Since any vacation is incomplete without dancing and partying, I decided to get footloose. Incidentally, the Best Beaches in the Caribbean also have some enthralling music and dance floors. Hit the floor and dance all night to make your Caribbean holiday memorable.
Affordable St. Maarten dining is very easy to find. There are so many restaurants on the island that offer the perfect combination of quality food, fun atmosphere and economical prices. The food is simple, good and always well priced. Obviously their gyros are terrific, as is their fried fish. And if you're looking for a place with a casual, laid-back atmosphere where you can watch a ball game, then Marty's Gyro is your ideal match. If the gyros sound right, but you're more in the mood for enjoying dinner on the terrace with a sunset view, there are a number of gorgeous St Maarten villas that can certainly the best for Nightlife in the Caribbean.
Exotic beaches, picturesque sceneries, pleasant weather combined with the sprawling ocean all around and the magical world of coral reefs underneath its turquoise water add to the charm of the place. These are also the reasons behind St Martin's increasing popularity as a vacation destination. But which side to choose for your next vacation? It is the Dutch territory of Saint Maarten or the French Collectivity of Saint Martin? Both the sides have distinct features and are unique in their own ways.

Though the island is administered by two different nations tourists are allowed to roam freely between the two territories - there is no check posts along the borders. Both the sides have scenic beauty, pristine beaches, luxurious Caribbean vacation rentals and most tempting duty free shopping in common. With increasing number of villas and vacation homes being developed this side is a popular property market. The concept of timeshare rentals is quite popular in Dutch St Maarten. Visit Orient Bay the famous marine reserve in St Martin where you can enjoy snorkeling and an array of water sports activities.

Enjoy Nightlife in the Caribbean with Caribbean Destination

St. Maarten is a center of tourism in the Caribbean and you will find a number of hotels, casinos and restaurants. The island offers European atmosphere and is a favorite amongst Americans. The capital city is Phillipsburg which is constructed on a narrow sandy land strip which separates the sea from the Great Salt Pond. There are some colonial buildings and plenty of shopping possibilities for the many cruise ship passengers. St. Maarten is a tax free island and you will find many things cheaper than elsewhere.

St. Martin is a typical French island where everything goes a bit slower than on St. Maarten. The capital city is Marigot which looks more like a village than a real city and there are only a few streets like the Boulevard de France. The Marina Port La Royale is very romantic with plenty of restaurants to choose from. The old Fort Louis is worth a visit, as well as the new shopping mall West Indies.

Both islands have fantastic white sand beaches but the best are located on the French part. The Baie de Plume, Baie Longue or Baie Orient should not be missed. The best beaches on the Dutch side are the Mullet Bay, Great Bay and Simpson Bay Beach. The choice of hotels and resorts seems to be endless and there is something for any budget.

One of favorite Best Hotels on St Maarten, the Mary's Boon Plantation, can be found in St. Maarten. The lovely colonial style hotel has deluxe rooms and suites which are located in the main building or the cottages direct on beautiful Simpson Bay Beach.The hotel is ideal for a Caribbean Honeymoon! More about St. Maarten / St. Martin and other Caribbean islands can be found in Caribbean Destination travel guide. 

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Enjoy Resort Life in St Maarten with Caribbean Destination

Are you looking for avenues and places to spend some quality time with your family where you enjoy serenity and fun while children do not get bored as well? Away from the hustle bustle of the city, one is always looking to get a good time for outing with their family. No need to burden yourself with researching the best family day outing Best Resorts in the Caribbean as we bring you a list of 5 best outing resorts that will provide you wholesome time and fun.

Fervor pitch holidays stand amongst the most sought after spots for one-day outing in Caribbean,
St Maarten. It is not only apt for families but also for the adrenaline junkie who loves to explore the adventures inside them. The resort offers team building games, water fun, lunch and dinner, commando walk and other such sports. It has been set up in natural ambience and is the definite visit for all the nature lovers. The resort also offers several recreational activities and sports to enjoy.

You can savor the traditional and international delicacies of your choice as the cozy interiors, lawns and terrace give you place for lively gathering. The place is ideal for a family outing as you take them on a short drive from the Airport. The green, scenic and well-maintained resort is a pleasure to look for family day outings.

The resorts are yet another luxurious extension of the amusement park that is designed to keep the essential entertainment needs of family or groups. It is truly one of the best resorts ever for family and group outings. It is embroiled with comfort and leisure. Being surrounded by greenery, the resort climbs the popularity chart for its facilities and hospitality.

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